Sunday, 14 October 2012

Obsessed: Ella Henderson...

16 year old Xfactor contestant, Ella Henderson, is my new favourite person on the planet, for many reasons. Her voice is absolutely unbelievable, gives me goosebumps every time I hear her sing. And another MASSIVE reason is her style. Tulisa mentioned on last nights live show that Ella chooses what she wears and how she's styled, I'm sure there is some tweaking done by stylists but from her first audition I realised that I just wanted all of her clothes. 

The Ted Baker dress she wore last night was just... beautiful is all I can really say! I thought it was quite "Bond Girl", very Hollywood, classic. I loved her hair and although I'm not mad on thick black corner flicks on the eyes, I thought it suited her look.
I have a similar body shape to Ella so I've been keeping a look out on where she buys her clothes, what she teams certain items with and so on. I've already seeked out the lilac dress she wore on last weeks live show and I plan on somehow getting it in black!

Even her "every day" clothing catches my eye because it's quite similar to my own, she seems to dress things down and give them a bit of an edge. For one of her first auditions she wore a floral dress but with black tights and a pair of high top wedges from River Island. So I really really want her to stay in the competition to keep an eye on her styling.. Ok ok and her amazing singing as well, that's not selfish is it?? :)

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Street Style, Laura Mullett...

I caught up with journalist and blogger Laura Mullett today. We had afternoon tea in The Merrion in Dublin (we felt very posh altogether!) Despite it being grey and drizzly all day weather wise, Laura, stylish as always, kept warm with her layered outfit.
I can't comprehend how she can walk in her Jeffrey Campbell sky scraping wedges. Don't get me wrong, I love my heels, I end up just over six foot in my highest pair but I couldn't even dream of walking in these bad boys!

Wearing a look that can transcend from night to day with an edge, Laura added red lipstick, winged black liner and poker straight locks to finish off her look.

Laura's outfit :
1980's Levi's studded and spiked customised denim jacket
Navy blue disco pants from American Apparel
Layering on top with a white long tank top, flowing grey studded vest and red tartan shirt
Jeffrey Campbell platform wedges with silver back detail.

Find Laura:

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Eyelighting @ Up To My Eyes...

My plum coloured lashes from Up To My Eyes.

 Up To My Eyes have recently introduced a new coloured lash extension in the salon!
I had "Eyelighting" done recently and chose to go for the plum colour and think it really made the green in my eyes stand out. Like the regular full set of mink lashes that are done, Jessica applied a mixture of black and plum lashes to each of my own natural lashes.

The process took about 2 hours, it was so relaxing and had I not been chatting away to Jess I would have definitely fallen asleep, which seems to be quite a common thing when getting lash extensions applied!

The lashes fall out naturally with your own lash cycle so you can expect to get about 4-5 weeks out of them before coming back in for a refill. 

There are a few different colours to choose from, with warm violet, plum and green colours being popular choices coming in to winter.

A full set of mink eyelash extensions in Up To My Eyes costs €120 and a recommended refill after 4 or 5 weeks is €50.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bit of a spend in River Island!

After my rant about Molly Jeggings from River Island the other day, I went in this evening to see if they had brought any more stock in... Oh yes they had. There was a large table full of them in every colour. And it was pay day. I picked up two pairs, one in a sort of winey/red colour and the other in grey. 

I had one of my best friends, Conor, with me. Possibly the worst person to bring shopping (Conor, I know you're reading, let's be honest here!) I need such self control when shopping with him because if I say something is nice, he'll just convince me to buy it. I saw the most amazing scarf and it took him about 10 seconds to completely sell it to me. Then it took me another 5 minutes to convince myself that I didn't actually need it. I'll put it on some sort of wish list! 

Someone buy me this please.

I now have a pretty big wishlist for River Island... There were a few military/camouflage jackets and shirts, a nice pair of heels, an amazing tartan dress. The list goes on and on so I'll stop. As well as my two pairs of jeans, I unfortunately couldn't talk myself out of buying a pair of cream fur lined high tops. I had some amazing pink and silver Nike high tops a while ago that seem to have disappeared off the earth so it was time for a new pair.

Tomorrow it's hair cut time.. Going to dye it dark brown again, get my full fringe back and maybe some layers so I'll post a photo or two when it's all done.

 Night, night!x

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Raglans hit London...

I have a very lovely friend, Stephen. Over time I've been introduced to his three equally lovely friends; Conn, Liam and Ross. Together these four lads make the most amazing band of all time... RAGLANS.

Their music is seriously infectious. It just gets all up in your head and before you know it you're repeatedly singing Digging Holes without noticing. I've introduced many a friend to their music and there's just something in it for everyone. A massive highlight for me was seeing the lads play Knockanstockan this year in Blessington. The lighting, the crowd, the mud... It was by far the best gig of the weekend and it's just one of those moments that will stick with me forever.

Enough of the praise!

I'm here to tell you that Raglans are playing in London this week. If you haven't seen or heard these guys before.. then go. If you have seen or heard of them before...go again! The dates and venues they're playing are as follows:

While you're here.. 
Download their most recent EP, Long Live from itunes.
Watch their amazing videos on Youtube.
Follow them on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

3 things I couldn't live without...

The most simple products. Nothing too fancy. I don't wear make up every day, I'd usually wear some mascara and lip gloss  I have no need for mascara any more thanks to my "Up To My Eyes" mink lash extensions (more about that later!). So it's usually just a bit of lip balm needed on a daily basis. 

However if myself and the girls are heading out or there's a special occasion, I love getting dolled up. I'll make another post about my make up essentials but these three products are my every day "go to" heroes.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
My hair tends to end up very flat... all the time. It's naturally quite straight but even if I've spent an hour or so curling it, the top of my hair can still end up quite flat. I've tried sleep in rollers, a large barreled tongs, GHD and a wand, still no luck of massive volume on the top of my head. Batiste to the rescue!! As well as being able to spritz some on my hair if I'm rushing around to get out after work, it really just boosts my hair at the tips. It really annoys me having my hair stuck to my head if it's in a bun or a pony tail, I like a bit of volume and this little can of tropical wonderful-ness does the trick!

Aloe Vera Lip Balm
My face can get quite dry, especially in the winter. And this doesn't exclude my lips. They can crack quite easily which just isn't attractive at all! I've found two lip balms that I love and think work wonders to keep chapped lips at bay. Aloe Vera is amazing, no matter which shape or form it takes. I was given an aloe vera plant by my auntie a while ago and the gel that comes out when the leaves are cracked can be used for numerous things. Sunburn, dry skin, acne, as a moisturiser, the list is endless. So when I found it in lip balm form I was thrilled! Another product that I love and can't always get my hands on is a Manuka Honey lip balm. And the same goes for manuka honey, it cures everything! 

Nivea Soft Moisturiser
As I said, my face can get particularly dry, so I always have this in my bag. I used to swear by E45 cream but I found it was quite liquid and I always felt I was rubbing it off on my hands rather than in to my face. I felt it could leave me looking a bit shiny and like it sort of just "sat" on my skin. Nivea Soft is a bit of a thicker cream but goes on light and I find it quite refreshing, my skin seems to absorb it a lot quicker and I don't feel like I have to put it on as much as other moisturisers I've used in the past. 

There you go guys! What are top 3?

Monday, 1 October 2012

Rose Lawless

I did a great little shoot with cabaret actress Rose Lawless a while ago. The clothes for the shoot were very much vintage as the photos were for posters and promos for her new shows. It was such a fun shoot to do! Rose got in to character for every shot, she sang, she danced, she scared passing school children on the street; most of the day was spent trying not to laugh behind the camera and keeping a steady hand. 

Rose Lawless
Clothes and accessories from "Linen and Ware, Vintage Too" and "Find".
Make up by Susan Sheehy.
Hair by Danish Hair Design, Greystones.

River Island Molly Jeggings: Obsessed.

About a month ago I bought a pair of black Molly Jeggings from River Island. I have since become obsessed. They go with everything! A cardigan and tshirt with flats, a leather jacket and some boots for a bit more of a grunge look or with a sheer shirt and sky scraper heels for a night out.

I was devastated when I went to buy another pair in my usual River Island store and they weren't there. But I found them online today AND they are not only in black!!

I think I may have to treat myself to a blue denim pair but they also come in a really bright lime green, pink, gun metal and different shades of brown/beige. It's like a treasure trove of the comfiest jeans! I never seem to be able to get River Island jeans to fit me properly what ever way the sizes are; one size is too big, the other is that little bit too tight. But I could live in these jeans if it was socially acceptable!!

Late night texts...

Some girls may send dodgy bootycall texts at half three in the morning.
Not me. I was half asleep last night thinking about a shoot that I want to do with my friend Wez. I was trying to think of the sort of look we'd go for and these thoughts popped in to my head. I knew I'd forget in the morning. So it seems my 3am texts to boys are more fashion advice than the usual drunken ia;m ikwm ebd ;)...

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Vintage Accessories!

I often shoot for a gorgeous little vintage shop in Greystones called Linen and Ware...Vintage Too.

 Sandra's shop offers everything a vintage loving girl or guy would die for! 

There are gorgeous brooches, amazing one of a kind pieces of jewellery, men's cufflinks and tie pins and stunning dresses for every different occasion. Recently I did some product shots for the shop and it was so hard to choose my favourites but here it goes!

Men's clip on bow tie.
One of my best friends wore a bow tie and braces to my birthday in August and I just thought it looked brilliant! I think it takes a certain style of guy to pull that sort of look off but when it's done right it can look great. This one has a clip either side so it's easy enough to put on and take off without the knowledge of "bow-tie-putting-on-ing"!

Red and white beaded necklace.
I loved this beaded necklace and I think it's because it reminds me of the friendship bracelets my friends and I used to buy on family holidays when were younger.
The red and white parts are twisted around each other and I think it would look great with either a simple dress or to accessorise a shirt and jeans combo.

Silver, Pearl and Diamante Necklace.
I have no other reason to love this necklace other than the fact it's absolutely stunning. It's just really striking! It would be perfect for a bride, a formal dinner... or even just to stare at yourself in the mirror for a while.

Peacock Brooch.
I just love everything peacock. I have done since I was in 5th class and a girl came in to school with a peacock feather for the Nature Table, so this brooch really stood out of the whole bunch that I had my hands on that day! The diamante used in this brooch are really shiny and they aren't dull or scratched like some brooches you may find in vintage shops. I think it would be perfect pinned to a scarf through winter to add a lil bit of sparkle.

If you want anymore info on Linen and Ware...Vintage Too, you can find Sandra on Facebook or drop in to the shop in Greystones, Co. Wicklow for a peak at everything in the cabinets. I hate to use the C word but... Christmas is on the way and there are some seriously good gift ideas floating around in there!! 

Behind the scenes : Country Heritage

I recently shot with stylist Eimear O'Reilly from Suppose I Should Blog with a "Country Heritage" theme in mind.
We shot in a few locations around Greystones with our model for the day Suzi Coombs who is signed with Fraser Models and Actors.
Absolutely loved the clothes that Eimear pulled for the shoot. I fell in love with a Ted Baker pleated maxi skirt that she teamed with a purple blouse and a waist coat.
The week that was in it, we didn't think the weather would be great but I ended up sunburned and poor Suzi was boiling in all the heavy knit Autumn/Winter clothes.

I threw together a little behind the scenes video and took some sneaky shots of the girls at work:

Kelly Hope Murphy, Make up artist

Suzi and Eimear 

I'll post up the whole editorial and details soon!