Sunday, 14 October 2012

Obsessed: Ella Henderson...

16 year old Xfactor contestant, Ella Henderson, is my new favourite person on the planet, for many reasons. Her voice is absolutely unbelievable, gives me goosebumps every time I hear her sing. And another MASSIVE reason is her style. Tulisa mentioned on last nights live show that Ella chooses what she wears and how she's styled, I'm sure there is some tweaking done by stylists but from her first audition I realised that I just wanted all of her clothes. 

The Ted Baker dress she wore last night was just... beautiful is all I can really say! I thought it was quite "Bond Girl", very Hollywood, classic. I loved her hair and although I'm not mad on thick black corner flicks on the eyes, I thought it suited her look.
I have a similar body shape to Ella so I've been keeping a look out on where she buys her clothes, what she teams certain items with and so on. I've already seeked out the lilac dress she wore on last weeks live show and I plan on somehow getting it in black!

Even her "every day" clothing catches my eye because it's quite similar to my own, she seems to dress things down and give them a bit of an edge. For one of her first auditions she wore a floral dress but with black tights and a pair of high top wedges from River Island. So I really really want her to stay in the competition to keep an eye on her styling.. Ok ok and her amazing singing as well, that's not selfish is it?? :)

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  1. love these dresses!! great post love. hope you get a chance to check out my latest post x