Wednesday, 29 May 2013

ASOS State Of Fashion...

  Hey guys! So I've entered ASOS Australia's State of Fashion and I would very much like to win it. Who wouldn't want $1000 to spend on a new wardrobe? I hate when people ask me to vote for things in mass mails on facebook so I thought this may be easier!
So... If you just go click on this ridiculously long link.. (it won't work on tinyurl for whatever reason) -then find the WA category which is highlighted in a sort of pinky colour.

You'll find my photee in all it's pale legged glory among the entries. And then just click the little love heart! I'm begging nicely.


Friday, 24 May 2013

What I Wore...

We shall first address the ridiculousness that is my legs. I have been in Australia for four months now and my shins just do not tan. How embarrassing that I have to go and buy fake tan in a country where its constantly sunny. Look how white my shins are!! And you can see the natural tan creeping up from my ankles/down from  my knees. So weird. Anyway..

A while ago myself and Georgia went to the Post Secret event in the Astor Theatre in Perth. Which was absolutely amazing. For any of you that don't know of Post Secret, be gone. Go to Google and educate yourself, it's great!

We didn't really know what the dress code was... it was in a theatre, but it was early in the evening, we wanted to go for a few drinks in the pub before hand and didn't want to be too dressed up.
So this is what I wore!

Camo jacket from Urban Outfitters
Dollar tshirt from River Island
Ripped denim shorts from H&M
and black Vans.

You can't really see it too well but I have a leather and stud bow in my hair, also from river island. I have no clue where the bag is from, it's one of those ancient things that you've had for years, brought everywhere and have no idea where it came from!

That's all :)


I got my mitts on these glorious pieces of arm candy today!! I love leather cuff bracelets and wrap around straps. I think it's the grungy side in me (and I don't mean this pastel goth/soft grunge trend that seems to be sweeping the likes of tumblr, what the hell is soft grunge anyway??) But moving on... these guys are a touch more feminine than the usual battered, beaten black leather strap that takes pride of place on my wrist.

Mezi is an amazing jewellery company hailing from Sydney, Australia. They're jewellery seems to take a modern twist on staple pieces that will add a little somethin' somethin' to any outfit.

The brand boasts some celeb fans in the form of Olivia Palermo and Australian models; Rebecca Judd and Jessica Hart to name a few.

Point being... I love these bracelets. They're cute and girly but edgy at the same time!
They're also in a brown leather and gold. Hmmm.....

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Blogger Garage Sale...

I am actually so excited for this! Since arriving in Perth I've started following more blogs from around WA and a few of my favourites are having a blogger garage sale next week. Awesome? I think so!

Bonniefridayblog, Modergirlsvintgepearls, Lafanciulle, Wastedwonderland and Littlemissmonbon are all taking part, it'll be great to meet the girls behind the blogs as well as grab a few bargains.
Can't wait!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Skin Hydrator To The Rescue!...

 "Anyone can be an Aussie Bombshell" according to skincare and lifestyle product specialist, Aussie Bombshell. The brand is all for body confidence and happiness in your day to day life. They promote a healthy and active lifestyle and believe that as long as you love yourself you'll lead a happy life. What's not to love about these guys!

So... I got to try out their amazing new Skin Hydrators. They're one of those products that once you open the container, you sort of, maybe, kind of want to eat it. The fragrances aren't too heavy but they just smell so delicious and really fresh.

My mother constantly says to me that my skin is like leather. I'm so bad for not keeping well hydrated and it definitely shows on my skin. Since moving to Australia, drinking copious amounts of water and moisturising has become part of my day to day routine. Usually I would use Nivea Soft as an all over moisturiser. I love that it doesn't just sit on top of the skin for ages and it helps soothe dry/itchy skin fast. So these are qualities I look for in any sort of cream/moisturiser.

Aussie Bombshell ticks all the boxes. It comes in three different "flavours" and it's quite a generous amount!  It definitely quenched my thirsty skin although it's a lot less.. liquidy (that's not even a word) than my usual choices, I'd probably describe it as more of  a body butter. It wasn't sticky at all and blended in to my skin really well leaving it glowing and really smooth.
I Heart U is Oatmeal, Milk and Honey. Zen is White Tea and Sweet Ginger. And my favourite was Cool As which is Cucumber.
Definitely a fan of these guys!

Aussie Bombshell's website

Saturday, 4 May 2013


So... I told you I'd keep you up to date with all things style and fashion from Oz.
I have been lusting after several Rodeo Show pieces since I started work in Villa Laguna. The quality of the clothes is amazing and there are some serious show stoppers in the collections that I've seen in the store and online.

Rodeo Show is a beautiful Australian brand, they are that little bit more pricey than the high street market, but they don't carry a horribly heavy, high-end price tag either. The price reflects the brilliant quality and fit of the garments and they are pieces that you could wear time and time again.

Ivy Dress in Purple, A/W 13
This purple draped dress is 100% silk, such a flattering fit and perfect for any occasion. Glamorous gardening a la Desperate Housewives anyone? I've teamed it with a statement Amber Sceats neck piece to accessorise and give it all a bit more detail.

*Queue awkward phone selfie*

I am obsessed with their fur vest. I'm not a massive fur fan at all. But rabbit fur seems to be a bit of a thing over here in Oz? This vest/waistcoat/gilet is cropped at the back and comes down longer on both sides. It's so so cosy and can probably be thrown over anything you're wearing for a bit of extra warmth and serious style. I've never worn fur to be honest, so I feel all rich and fancy wearing this.

Labrynth Dress in Rose, A/W 13

Another favourite from the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection is this structured, rose dress. The cute peplum detail can hide any lump and bump you're scared of cropping up in a party dress and it doesn't sit awkwardly on top of your hips. The bodice of the dress is also extremely flattering with structured detailing and a plunging neckline. The necklace I have teamed with this is "My Muse" by 8Other Reasons.

So there you go, a few of my favourite Rodeo Show pieces!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

New music for your ears...

Okay so we know I'm a fan of alt rock/indie music from Dublin. So here's a big plug for my new favourite thing to come from Ireland, Braille Club. Though I'm sure when my mother sends me over one of those crazy Tayto crisp/chocolate bars, that may change...
Braille club is made up of Rob, Alan, Dan and Philip.

The first song of theirs I listened to was Reanimator and just fell in love straight away. There was a very "Morrissey" feel to it, which I was a big fan of.
The second song on their 2 track demo, Under The Sun, ended up being the soundtrack of my life last week, I had it on repeat for a few days between my usual Pearl Jam and Gorillaz binges!

So here's some wonderful news...
Next month (May 17th to be precise) they will be releasing their album, Divide.
The album launch will be held in the newly refurbished Voodoo Lounge on Arran Quay, Dublin. It's 5Euro at the door, full of drink promos, there shall be a DJ playing afterwards in to the wee hours of the morning. Although I'm on the other side of the world and won't be there, I am jealous of anyone who will be. You can pre-order the album from (digital or hard copies available!) get yourself a t-shirt or if you really really like them... a private performance. Yeeeow!

Have the same info I just told you, but on a sexy poster. 
Here's a Sneaky preview of track "Jake Barnes" from the album that you've got like....3 days left to pre-order. Do it.

Friday, 19 April 2013

8 Other Reasons...

I've fallen in love with jewellery brand 8 Other Reasons. We've just started stocking it in Villa Laguna and it's flying out the door! The statement pieces can be worn with anything at all, dressing up jeans and a tshirt or making a girly dress look that bit more edgy. Everything is quite quirky, a bit eclectic but that's my kinda thing.

What I wore:
H&M black maxi dress, I accessorised with a bright orange scarf and the gorgeous "Bad Boy" bracelet by 8 Other Reasons. (Gold, blue and gunmetal spikes, in photo)

The "Addiction" two tone bracelet also comes in a gunmetal and gold stack, as well as the rose gold and silver that is pictured.

Worn with Ebony Eve Akemi kimono dress

I have my eye on this "Undefeated" necklace. I'm a fan of chunky, masculine sorts of jewellery but what I really love about this is the matte gold.
Quality and affordability are of equal importance to 8 Other Reasons, everything by the brand looks and feels designer but is very kind on your wallet!
I've been converted anyway, they've gained a serious fan.

Photographs by yours truly.

Back To Blog!

Okay so it's been a few months and a lot has changed.

I've made a massive move to the other side of the world, have myself a new apartment, new friends and so much fashion and style to share with you all from my new job!

I uprooted from Ireland to Perth, Australia at the end of January. I left behind my friends and colleagues in Up To My Eyes and I've recently started working in a beautiful store in Cottesloe called Villa Laguna.

To say I want everything in the store is an understatement. (More on that later!)

I've seen so many girls (and one or two guys!) around Fremantle snapping away, very obviously taking their photos for Lookbook/blogs and my god, everyone is so beautiful over here.
I just can't seem to get myself a tan, I'd rather not end up like a lobster or with problems later in life, so suncream is a must over here.

When I first arrived, it was coming to the end of summer, I was finding it quite hard to wear many of the clothes I'd brought with me, the heat was crazy. I found my way around it by wearing flowy dresses and tops with the lightest shorts or skirts I could possible find.
My hair was constantly up in a messy bun and make up always seemed such an effort (all sounds very attractive, I know!)
But who cares when you get to hang out at beaches with white sand and crystal clear water all day?

Anyway, that's that!
I'll be continuing on with my blog and bringing you all things fashion and lifestyle from an Irish girl in Oz.