Friday, 24 May 2013

What I Wore...

We shall first address the ridiculousness that is my legs. I have been in Australia for four months now and my shins just do not tan. How embarrassing that I have to go and buy fake tan in a country where its constantly sunny. Look how white my shins are!! And you can see the natural tan creeping up from my ankles/down from  my knees. So weird. Anyway..

A while ago myself and Georgia went to the Post Secret event in the Astor Theatre in Perth. Which was absolutely amazing. For any of you that don't know of Post Secret, be gone. Go to Google and educate yourself, it's great!

We didn't really know what the dress code was... it was in a theatre, but it was early in the evening, we wanted to go for a few drinks in the pub before hand and didn't want to be too dressed up.
So this is what I wore!

Camo jacket from Urban Outfitters
Dollar tshirt from River Island
Ripped denim shorts from H&M
and black Vans.

You can't really see it too well but I have a leather and stud bow in my hair, also from river island. I have no clue where the bag is from, it's one of those ancient things that you've had for years, brought everywhere and have no idea where it came from!

That's all :)

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