Sunday, 5 May 2013

Skin Hydrator To The Rescue!...

 "Anyone can be an Aussie Bombshell" according to skincare and lifestyle product specialist, Aussie Bombshell. The brand is all for body confidence and happiness in your day to day life. They promote a healthy and active lifestyle and believe that as long as you love yourself you'll lead a happy life. What's not to love about these guys!

So... I got to try out their amazing new Skin Hydrators. They're one of those products that once you open the container, you sort of, maybe, kind of want to eat it. The fragrances aren't too heavy but they just smell so delicious and really fresh.

My mother constantly says to me that my skin is like leather. I'm so bad for not keeping well hydrated and it definitely shows on my skin. Since moving to Australia, drinking copious amounts of water and moisturising has become part of my day to day routine. Usually I would use Nivea Soft as an all over moisturiser. I love that it doesn't just sit on top of the skin for ages and it helps soothe dry/itchy skin fast. So these are qualities I look for in any sort of cream/moisturiser.

Aussie Bombshell ticks all the boxes. It comes in three different "flavours" and it's quite a generous amount!  It definitely quenched my thirsty skin although it's a lot less.. liquidy (that's not even a word) than my usual choices, I'd probably describe it as more of  a body butter. It wasn't sticky at all and blended in to my skin really well leaving it glowing and really smooth.
I Heart U is Oatmeal, Milk and Honey. Zen is White Tea and Sweet Ginger. And my favourite was Cool As which is Cucumber.
Definitely a fan of these guys!

Aussie Bombshell's website

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