Saturday, 4 May 2013


So... I told you I'd keep you up to date with all things style and fashion from Oz.
I have been lusting after several Rodeo Show pieces since I started work in Villa Laguna. The quality of the clothes is amazing and there are some serious show stoppers in the collections that I've seen in the store and online.

Rodeo Show is a beautiful Australian brand, they are that little bit more pricey than the high street market, but they don't carry a horribly heavy, high-end price tag either. The price reflects the brilliant quality and fit of the garments and they are pieces that you could wear time and time again.

Ivy Dress in Purple, A/W 13
This purple draped dress is 100% silk, such a flattering fit and perfect for any occasion. Glamorous gardening a la Desperate Housewives anyone? I've teamed it with a statement Amber Sceats neck piece to accessorise and give it all a bit more detail.

*Queue awkward phone selfie*

I am obsessed with their fur vest. I'm not a massive fur fan at all. But rabbit fur seems to be a bit of a thing over here in Oz? This vest/waistcoat/gilet is cropped at the back and comes down longer on both sides. It's so so cosy and can probably be thrown over anything you're wearing for a bit of extra warmth and serious style. I've never worn fur to be honest, so I feel all rich and fancy wearing this.

Labrynth Dress in Rose, A/W 13

Another favourite from the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection is this structured, rose dress. The cute peplum detail can hide any lump and bump you're scared of cropping up in a party dress and it doesn't sit awkwardly on top of your hips. The bodice of the dress is also extremely flattering with structured detailing and a plunging neckline. The necklace I have teamed with this is "My Muse" by 8Other Reasons.

So there you go, a few of my favourite Rodeo Show pieces!

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